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Why Self Reflection Is Important And How To Do It

Why Self Reflection Is Important And How To Do It

We, humans, are anything but perfect. We make mistakes, face numerous hurdles and throughout that process, we change as a person. The course of our life gives us many chances to learn from those mistakes. But how often do we do it? How often do we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and thrive for betterment, not only in our lifestyle but also as people?

Self-reflection is a necessary key to self-awareness. It allows us to look neutrally at our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. But just like any other virtue, self-reflection is also a skill that can be developed by conscious effort.

Why Self Reflection Is Important And How To Do It

Why Self Reflection Is Important And How To Do It
Why Self Reflection Is Important And How To Do It


Why is self-reflection important?


It enables you to look at your emotions and actions from a distance and allows you to evaluate them from a more neutral point of view. It answers many of our confusions and leads us to take more balanced decisions in our lives and saves us the trouble of regrets after blurting out careless, angry and emotional words.

To bring positive life changes, self-reflection is very important. Without self-reflection, keeping your head above water becomes the primary task rather than living a satisfying life.


15 ways to practice self-reflection:


  1. Ask yourself the important questions routinely. This would help you in assessing yourself regularly. Some examples: What could I do better in that situation?, Which parts of this week I was accountable for?, How did I feel overall today?


  1. Meditate regularly. You don’t exactly need a trainer for this. Every morning after waking up, sit in silence somewhere where there is enough sunlight, close your eyes and focus.


  1. Keep a journal. This acts as your personal record of all of your actions and

would allow you to go back and practice self-reflection.


  1. Before blurting out any sudden and impulsive response, first say it out loud to yourself. It would help you assess the rationality behind your response and help you avoid any unwanted situation.


  1. List the things and people you are grateful to have in your life. There is no better motivation than this towards your path of personal improvement.


But remember, there is a difference between self-reflection and over-analysis. Don’t let it become an obsession. You can be a confident person and still be good at self-reflecting and holding yourself accountable.


Subhangee Guha

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