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Why Content Writing Is Important

Why Content Writing Is Important

We all consume (and create) content daily. Websites, blog posts, videos, emails, social media posts, and similar digital formats are all types of content. In many instances, a content writer will have a hand in creating such content.


As well as exploring what the role of a content writer entails, we also examine the different types of content they might produce, how they write them, and how you can get started as a content writer.

Why Content Writing Is Important

Why Content Writing Is Important
Why Content Writing Is Important


What is content writing?


Let’s start with the basics – what is content writing? In the realm of digital marketing, content writing is the process of producing content, often for marketing purposes. Although you might associate this definition with things like blog posts and website landing pages, it can also include any form of content that requires planning, writing and editing.


Content writers will often write blog posts and web pages, craft social media posts and email marketing and even work on press releases and video or audio scripts. It’s a varied field that touches on many different areas of digital marketing.


Copywriting vs content writing


The differences between copywriting and content writing can vary depending on who you ask. Often, the two disciplines will overlap, and many writers act as both copywriters and content writers. So what’s the difference?


Copywriters usually focus on persuading readers and selling a brand. It’s often short-form, appearing on ads, products, taglines, and similar types of marketing copy. Content generally tends to be longer-form, focusing on informing, educating or entertaining readers.


Why does content writing matter?


You can probably already think of some useful ways in which written content can be utilised. But why is this a niche that requires a special set of skills? While it’s true that anyone can write, it’s not enough to just put words on a page. Content writers and copywriters must craft something compelling, original, engaging, and ultimately well-written.


The benefits of producing such high-quality content are numerous, and we’ve picked out some examples of why below:


It gives you something to market


Content forms the backbone of any digital marketing channel. Whether it’s short-form copy that appears on ads, product pages, or social media posts, or long-form content on blogs and whitepapers, engaging words can have many uses.


For example, this blog post on content writing will appear on search engine results pages shortly after publishing. It may also feature on a carefully crafted social media post, or appear in some copy in one of our emails. We could even feature it as part of our PPC (pay-per-click advertising) activity.


Hopefully, those who read it will find it engaging and informative, and might even want to learn more about mastering digital marketing strategy with our ExpertTrack.


It helps with SEO


One of the central pillars of any marketing strategy is search engine optimisation. Essentially, you want to make sure that people searching for keywords related to your business can find you online.


As we explored in our guide to SEO, ensuring your content is optimised for search engines will ultimately make your website more popular and lead to more business success. When creating great online content, the principles of  SEO should always play a role, ensuring your writing is visible to those who will find it relevant.


If you want to learn more about SEO, you can check out our ExpertTrack that follows the basics of the practice right through to how to make it profitable.


It establishes your brand


While you and your company might know that you’re experts in your field, your potential customers or clients might not have the same perception. By producing high-quality and informative content, you can establish your brand as a leader in your industry.


By proving yourself as an expert in your field, you gain an authoritative voice, which helps to build trust and drive new business. Again, content writing plays a huge role in this strategy. You can find out how to build a brand that’s socially driven with our online course.


It helps you reach new people


Everyone enjoys good content. Whether it tells a story, captures your imagination, or guides you through the principles of a new skill, it can inspire and educate. It’s also the type of thing that people share and engage with.


Content that is shared reaches new people, raising awareness of your business’ brand and expanding your audience. Similarly, well-written content that targets specific keywords will reach new people through search engine results.

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