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Top 3 Inventions Of Nicola Tesla

Top 3 Inventions Of Nicola Tesla

When you think of the word ‘Tesla,’ it’s natural for images of electric cars and billionaires to pop up. However, the inventor Nikola Tesla, who Elon Musk named his company after, played a huge part in history and changed the course of many people’s lives. So, who was Nikola Tesla, and what key inventions were he responsible for?


Who Was Nikola Tesla?


Tesla was born in 1856 in an area of the Austrian Empire now known as Croatia. In school, Tesla’s physics professor would carry out demonstrations of how electricity worked, greatly interesting the young Tesla. He enrolled at the Imperial-Royal Technical College in Graz, Austria, in 1875, after evading conscription into the Austro-Hungarian Army.

Top 3 Inventions Of Nicola Tesla

Top 3 Inventions Of Nicola Tesla
Top 3 Inventions Of Nicola Tesla


During his time at college, Tesla achieved incredibly high grades and never missed a lecture in his final year. After the death of his father, however, things started to go downhill quickly. Tesla began slacking off at college and gambled away the entirety of his tuition fund. Ultimately, Tesla was unable to sit his exams and never graduated from college, despite his promising start.


In 1882, Tesla began working at the Continental Edison Company in Paris (owned by famous businessman Thomas Edison). Tesla’s advanced knowledge of electricity was noticed by his superiors during his time at the Edison company, and he was called upon to create improved versions of dynamos and motors


Though Tesla’s life was full of hardships and disappointment, he managed to invent some truly incredible devices, some of which paved the way to modern technology. So, what did Tesla invent?


  1. AC Motor: Contrary to popular belief, Nikola Tesla invented the AC motor, not Edison. Tesla achieved this huge technological feat in 1887 after being given a laboratory space to work in by Alfred S. Brown, a Western Union superintendent. AC motors involve a current that can switch back and forth at certain intervals, while DC only flows in one direction. While this may seem like a small difference, AC offered some big advantages over DC.


  1. Tesla Coil: You’re probably familiar with the infamous coil that shoots off bolts of purple and blue lightning. Well, this fascinating device was the brainchild of Nikola Tesla. Tesla invented the coil, otherwise known as an electrical resonant transformer circuit, in 1891, just a few years after he developed the AC motor. Tesla wanted to provide the whole world with electricity without the need for grids or thousands of wires. Tesla conducted a lot of experimental procedures with electricity, some of which weren’t exactly safe. The Tesla Coil, in particular, was a little risky to create.


  1. The Remote Control: Yep, Tesla actually invented the first remote control in history. Before it was called a remote control, Tesla named his invention the “teleautomaton” and unveiled it at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1898.

Instead of using infrared rays, as traditional TV remotes do, Tesla’s teleautomaton used radio waves. He used this device to control a small toy boat during his 1898 public demonstration. The boat was fitted with a set of antennae to pick up on the radio waves emitted by the remote. Tesla tried to sell the remote and toy boat as a set commercially, but the public just wasn’t that interested. However, the concept itself was picked up through the years, and remote controls can now be found in most homes.

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