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Strangest towns around the world

While the earth is home to numerous unique scenarios, very few towns are truly unusual. Here are 6 strange towns around the world you won’t believe exist.


Strangest towns around the world

Strangest towns around the world
Strangest towns around the world


  1. Coober Pedy, Australia: Established in 1915, Coober Pedy is a town that is totally underground. It is the biggest opal mine in the world. The miners there figured out that it was easier to live underground because the temperature above reaches up to 51-degree Celsius. The town has its own church and even galleries. It also has the world’s first underground 4-star hotel.


  1. Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA: Centralia has a mysterious fire that has been burning for decades. But the most dangerous aspect of the town is its sinkholes. In the 1980s, a little bit slipped through a sinkhole in their house’s backyard. Though residents were encouraged to move out of the town, ten of the residents still live there.


  1. Monowi, Nebraska, USA: This town has only one resident. It used to be populous in the past. But the population somehow died down. The only resident is a woman there who manages a bar and a public library for visitors.



  1. Nagoro, Japan: Though it has oy 35 human residents, Nagoro town in Japan is home to 350 human-sized dolls. Ayano Tsukimi, an artist, thought of making these dolls when the population of the town started shrinking. The lifelike human-sized dolls are the representation of real people who once lived there. The purpose was to eliminate the loneliness of the deserted small town.


  1. Matmata, South Tunisia: Ancient men lived in caves, we know. But in Matmata in South Tunisia, they still do. The residents here follow the traditional livelihoods of our ancient ancestors and make their homes out of caves. The whole town is full of cave houses.


6. Whittier, Alaska: Have you ever heard of a town where all the residents live in the same building. In Whittier, they really do. Known as the “Gateway to Prince William Sound,” 220 residents of the town all live under one roof. The town has a gas station, a police station, a church, and a video rental shop all located in one building called Begich Towers. The residential 14 story building was once a military barrack. The exit and entry to the town can only be done through one tunnel which opens twice every hour and is locked at night.


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