Fri. Nov 26th, 2021


US based Market Research Company Morning Consult had reported the slight decrease in the approval rating against Modi, Prime Minister of India from 82% to 66%.

When it comes to India, the entire population loves the personality and owes he make during any election rally. This pouring of love towards elections and the gossip by the Indians have made Modi a popular personality in the Indian Diaspora across the globe.

On the other hand, Modi who is a face of the RSS ( Rasthriya Swayam Sevak Sangh) creation BJP  ( Bharatiya Janata Party) is leading a draconian era in view of the Human Rights Activists and advocates of free speech and dissent. The whistle blowers are very critical of the incumbents and are always questions the limits of infallibility of the Modi Image.

The Pandemic induced lockdowns, the leader induced cash-down( also known popularly as De-monetization) were faced by the Indian public are few examples of the Modi`s infallibility.



When it comes to the second most populous nation in the world, there is a question of paramount importance. The question always goes as follows

How Great is MODI ?

Like the answer to a single question would differ in entire classroom, this question is also invites some interesting answers. The answers ranges from the purported criticism of the Modi to the unquestionable loyalty to the Supreme Leader.

Narendra Damodar Das Modi, the current Prime Minister of Indian republic. The face of any election and continuous reformist in India, the 56 inch chest boasts of placing India in the world map as “ Vishwa Guru”  ( Roughly translates into Teacher and reformer to the entire world) had come up with few policies that decided the fate of India. In order to increase the tax compliance, the Modi led BJP government come up with the innovative Tax regime in the form of GST, the people accepted to pay the taxes without any escape. De-Monetization has anticipated the lockdown had prepared the poor to lead a life without money. The hasty announcement of lockdown in style has never pushed any public representative to the rail path or the road. The BJP under the leadership of Modi has devised new systems in place of older ones, one such thing is the complete replacement of Press Conference with that of Mann Ki Baat (A retrospective talk show of the Prime Minister himself). The most recent announcement of achievement is the outstanding victory India has accomplished over Covid virus.

The civil society is raising concerns over the authoritative regime. Few among them were demanding answers from the Government. The prominent or potentially damaging persons treated within the ambit of ‘Sedition’ charges.

Public have no Idea about ‘sedition charges’ in India under the existing laws. Some are raising concerns over the very Act of Sedition itself, they are clear about the meaning of sedition, but are confused whether the Act prevents the sedition against the nation or a party.

Likewise, the Seven Years of the most powerful government under the leadership of Modi has been subjected to the charges of decrease of his popularity in a US based study has no relevance on upcoming Indian Elections.

Nishidhi Nidhi

Break The Newz.

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