Thu. Nov 25th, 2021
Paruchuri Mallik

Meet Paruchuri Mallik, A Chemical Engineer challenging Doctors over Covid

Ram Gopal Varma, a name known to many through his filmography and for his unapologetic views on social ills and stands had invited Mr. Mallik to his OTT platform to discuss about the virus is doing rounds in the internet. Mallik Paruchuri, A chemical Engineer by profession, stuck in the controversy over his comments about emergence of Covid third wave has shook the two Telugu states.

Mr. Mallik, furiously responded alleging the corporate medical mafia behind out of pocket expenditure of the innocent public in the name of Covid treatment. As a Chemical Engineer, with the knowledge of the Pharma industry, Mallik claims the drug resulting from the herbs, and its consequences are studied by the Chemists too. He further adds that his research emanated from the reports of world’s renowned medical journals such as Lancet, WHO reports, AIIMS reports, ICMR studies to name a few.

Meet Paruchuri Mallik, A Chemical Engineer challenging Doctors over Covid

Paruchuri Mallik
Paruchuri Mallik

In an interview with RGV, Mallik claims that he is been warning the known circles ever since the onset of the Corona virus and dejected with the Hospital bills, he has started educating the public how to overcome the Corona virus. He started suggesting intake of fenugreek, garlic which are having drugs which could prevent the further infection of the Corona virus has become viral in social media and the telugu speaking states have divided over his views on healthcare systems. “Free of cost” He is said to have helped Covid patients even from the ICU beds with the protocol he developed.

“ I am not taking money from anybody, all I request in return as ‘fee’ is a video testimony from the recovered patients. I derive happiness from it. I have fantastic team of volunteers who are working for me, no patient is required to give single rupee to anybody” says Mallik.

“ It is a shock to me as a lay man to understand how a Chemical Engineer is advising the cure for Covid. We are listening to your conviction, but you need to ask the questions to the doctors in a point to point basis” suggested RGV to Mallik at the interview.

The Doctors, though they are raising concerns over the language used by Mallik have in their reply to media had not questioned the whereabouts of his research sources. They have not denied the claims of Mallik over his usage of daily household ingredients in fetching the relief to the Covid affected patients.

Yet, the questions of authenticity of Mallik`s study is to be studied properly is the demand from large sections of the society.

The unprecedented Novel Corona Virus, originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, is crushing the entire world ever since the early 2020. The Virus, which has no definitive cure yet, is challenging the expertise of medicine. This is became even more daunting task for the countries like India, where poor health infrastructure are at place.

Forget about Health education, even providing formal education to the masses has not achieved in the largest democracy. Reports have shamed the nation that lack of toilets are the major reason for the school dropouts among girl child in India. With these backgrounds, facing a global pandemic is very easy for India, since we have a fantastic team of PR surrounding the aura of our elected leaders across India. We, peace loving nation are in want of Superstars in every field. We do not believe in teamwork and credit sole success or failure to one single person.

Coming to the influence of religion on its people, India is rightfully claims to be abode for most of the world’s religions. By sheer fairness of its demographics, Indian religions do not shy away from forming sects within each religion.

Many intellectuals would argue that this very feature is the source of diversity among Indians, but unfortunately this sectarian politik had reached out to every section of the society. The enduring pandemic has given scope for researchers and healthcare workers to come up with the solutions that could prevent covid had surpassed.

Needless to say, the very understanding of ‘cure’ from different ailments are ultimately has to satisfy the test of patients satisfaction. Apparently, lot of video testimonials of the patients from different states of India, who followed protocol prescribed by Mallik have expressed their gratitude.

These seems to have helped Mr. Mallik, Right !. But tragedy hit him in recent times, is the topic for reading for you. Stay tuned to our website Break the Newz.

Till then, stay safe and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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