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History Of Cinema 5 Interesting Facts

History Of Cinema: 5 Interesting Facts

Among all the visual art forms, cinema is the most impactful. It holds the power to change lives and leave profound effects on the viewer’s mind. Celebrated filmmaker Steven Spielberg said, “Every time I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about. The journey of cinema began more than a century ago. Both glamorous and ugly, the film industry’s beginnings came with an ambitious New Jersey inventor, two French brothers, several cameras, and a series of moving images that would eventually tell stories to entertain and enthral audiences everywhere. It is a world filled with a rich and ever-expanding history.

History Of Cinema: 5 Interesting Facts

History Of Cinema 5 Interesting Facts
History Of Cinema 5 Interesting Facts


  1. The earliest short films were often accompanied by bands:

What fun would it be sitting in a theatre while random, everyday scenes are scrolled silently on a screen? Awkward. To make up for the lack of sound in a film, sometimes a band would play live music while the movie was playing. After all, who wants to hear someone going to town on a bag of popcorn in a deaf theatre?


  1. Early cameras filmed at 16 frames per second:

By today’s standards, 16 frames per second speed are pretty slow. For perspective, modern 35mm cameras film at 25 FPS. If you want your mind blown, some modern video games are played at 250 FPS. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?



  1. The first movie theatre opened in 1907: Before 1907, most movies were shown in traditional theatres or at carnivals. With the advent of movie theatres, the films became the main attraction themselves.


  1. A 1,000-foot long film produces 11 minutes of footage at 25 FPS:

A standard reel of film that runs at 25 FPS is 1,000 feet long. This 1,000 feet of the film will produce about 11 minutes of footage. That means that projectionists at movie theatres had to change reels many times during a single motion picture to keep it going uninterrupted. Unlike today, where everything is digital and automated.



  1. Psycho Is the First U.S. Film to Feature a Toilet Flushing:

At a time it was considered inappropriate to show a toilet being flushed on screen, Alfred Hitchcock saw an opportunity to add some extra shock to his already shocking film—presenting a scrap of paper, which proves an important clue, failing to flush in a toilet. In the book, the clue was an earring found in the bathroom, but Hitchcock changed it to a piece of paper actually in the toilet, partly to add an extra jolt for viewers.


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