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FAQs Asked in Interviews

FAQs Asked in Interviews

Worried about the probable questions for your next interview? We are here with the most asked questions by the interview panel.

FAQs Asked in Interviews

FAQs Asked in Interviews
FAQs Asked in Interviews
  1. “Tell me about yourself.”: You expected to provide a brief introduction of yourself. Keep it concise, to the point, but don’t make it boring. Consider it your pitch for the job.
  2. “How did you hear about the position?”: It may sound like an innocuous question, but this is your chance to stand out. While you tell them exactly where you found out about this job opportunity, try to mention what specifically caught your eye about that position or express your excitement about the position.
  3. “Why do you want to work with our organisation?”: Do not give a generic answer to this question. Instead, do your research about the company and pick out points that appeal to you and mention the company’s future growth aspects. Make sure to be specific
  4. “Why do you want this job?”: By asking this question, the employers want to assess how passionate you are about the job role. So this question requires a great answer. For example, if you are applying for a job in customer service, say that you like interacting with people and it helps you grow as a person, and then share the things you like about the company too.
  5. “Why should you be hired?”: This is your time to express the positive sides of you that is fit for the job. You can say that you will not only work but also deliver great results, you are a good team player, you are ambitious and not afraid of hard work etc.
  6. “What are your best qualities and biggest weakness”: Now this is a tricky one. While answering this question, you neither want to sound arrogant nor insecure. Instead of using a plethora of adjectives, choose two or three good qualities about you that suit the job and illustrate those further. When answering the latter part of the question, you can’t say ‘I am perfect.” What you should do is share a weakness that wouldn’t hinder your performance if you are hired.


If you nail these questions, excelling in the interview would be a cakewalk.

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