Fri. Nov 26th, 2021

Ex encounter specialist in NIA custody:

Pradeep Sharma, a Shiv Sena leader and an ex encounter specialist along with two others were arrested by the National Investigation Agency in connection with the Antilla bomb scare case has been sent to the NIA custody. He is scheduled to remain there till June 28. Mr Sharma has also been linked to the Mansukh Hiran murder case. He has been charged for his alleged participation in the destruction of evidence and conspiracy in the case. After his arrest, the police also took two men Satish Mothukuri and Manish Soni. Previously the police arrested two men named Anand Jadav and Santosh Shelar, who named Mr Sharma and two other dismissed police officers, Sunil Mane.

Ex encounter specialist in NIA custody:

Ex encounter specialist in NIA custody
Ex encounter specialist in NIA custody

Through investigation, the NIA found that dismissed police officers Sachin Vaze and Mr Mane handed over Mankush Hiran to Mr. Anand, Mr. Santosh, Mr. Satish and Mr. Manish a day before Mr. Mankush’s body was found in the Mumbra Creek. Later calls have also been made by the accused to Mr. Vaze and Mr. Mane. The NIA also recovered some cash from the suspects, which they believe was paid to them by the accused.

Pradeep Sharma’s exact role is still being investigated by the NIA. Mr Sharma has denied all allegations in the court and stated that he has no relation with Mr Vaze. He claims that he is being framed. The encounters made by the police are often applauded for bringing justice.

But it is a fact that the police sometimes encounter the accused sometimes because of the scarcity of evidence, or to hide their own misconduct or to close a case as soon as possible because of external pressure. The trend of encounters are unconstitutional and a violation of human rights. A person is innocent until proven guilty. It’s not up to the police to decide who should be punished with a death penalty.

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