Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
Eetela Embraced BJP

Eetela Embraced BJP : Darmendra Pradhan says  BJP is ready for elections at any time, welcomes Eetela.

Eetela Ranjender and his supporters have embraced the saffron party yesterday. The expelled MLA and minister from Telangana has joined BJP in the presence of BJP national President JP Nadda, in an event at Delhi.

Following the resignation from TRS membership and MLA position, Rajender has announced his inclination towards BJP.

Eetela Embraced BJP:

Eetela Embraced BJP
Eetela Embraced BJP

Admitting Eetela, Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan said they are ready for elections and it is Telangana after the Karnataka which has a strong hold for BJP.

“We are strengthening the cadre and a lot were interested to join BJP. Many from Telangana are showing their willing to work under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”- added Pradhan.

Speaking to media, Tarun Chugh, BJP’s state incharge said they will come to power and will emerge as largest party in telanagana. Additionally, he reiterated that the party will fight against corruption and dynastic politics.

Among the supporters of Eetela, Ex MLA Yenugu Ravinder Reddy, former MP Ramesh Rathode, former ZP Chairperson for Karimnagar Tula Uma were present.

Eetela Rajender, after joining the BJP has demanded a probe into the properties of both him and KCR with a sitting judge or with CBI. ‘Telangana is having a authoritative regime under CM K Chandra Shekhar Rao’ alleged Eetela. Further he said he will strengthen the BJP by making it as a platform to fight against the TRS in Telangana. He further stated that BJP will tore away the ruling of feudal regime in Telangana.

BJPs state chief Bandi Sanjay said that it is only BJP which has courage to give competition to TRS. Vivek Venkataswamy has expressed his positive response that Eetela union with BJP would strengthen the party in the region.

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