Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
Did Coronavirus made in Lab?

Corona Virus; MADE in the LAB ?President Biden has ordered the US intelligence community to come to the definitive conclusion over the origins of Corona Virus in 90 days. US is pressing the China ever since 2020 to be transparent, to extend international co-operation and open to research to see the bottom of the virus, which caused havoc across the globe.

The spokesperson from the White House said they are always vocal about the transparency of China and about its co operation to investigate fully into the Virus, the access of Lab facilities for the Scientific investigators.

Alleged over his emails on early pandemic response Calling out the accusations against him “Preposterous” for political reasons, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the US NIAID and the Chief Medical Adviser to the President since the times of Ronal Reagan, is made it clear that he didn’t turned down the possibility of a potential Lab Leak theory of the Novel Corona Virus. The Epidemiologist said ‘there needs to be a conclusive evidence to support any claim is essential for any statement to be made about the origins of the Virus’.

Corona Virus; MADE in the LAB:


These statements have set the mood of the public and intellectuals to ponder about what could have been the Origins of this deadly virus which had claimed over Three Billion lives and counting. Some started demanding the foreclosure on this front and investigation on the ground.

United States, one of the worst hit countries in the world for the novel corona virus is stretching its legs to come to a conclusion on the Origins of the Virus.

The earlier Trump administration is been criticized for using the racist language to describe the Virus, mostly to deflect the responsibility of mitigating the pandemic.

Beijing has reacted strongly to the ongoing events by citing the WHO report, which concluded the likely origin of the Corona virus is emerging from Animal source, and signaled at straining the US-CHINA ties further.

It is well known fact that there is lack of trust between the US and China over many affairs, including trade and human rights violations. Now the US pushing the Chinese Government to extend its full support to investigate the origins of Covid, which includes the access to its labs, and the blood samples of the infected persons from Ground zero.

The accusation is emanated from the fact that the city of Wuhan, where first ever reported case of human transmission of the virus is found also home to China`s first Bio safety level-4 lab ( BSL-4) facility has spiked the theory of Lab leak since the beginning. This has raised concerns over the possibility of deliberately engineered virus origins.

So, what is a lab leak theory in actuality means;

To answer it simply, lab leak is possibility of infection emanating from the Lab, which holds the Virus (or the immediate ancestor to it) for the purpose of Study, if not the sinister effort to create a bio weapon. This could have happen due to various means, ranging from the malfunctioning of the machinery to the leak from PPE kits.

Why even the scientific community is seeking answers from the China over the origins of the virus is understandable as it has best information and history of the Virus. In order to come to a conclusive evidence about the origins of the Virus, the world needs the co-operation of the Chinese government fully.

The eruption of deadly Viruses which have declared eradicated in the wild have surfaced from the labs are not a new phenomenon to the world. The example of last recorded death due to small pox, one of the deadly virus had declared eradicated in the wild in the year 1977 has reported to have caused infection to a Medical Photographer named Janet Parker of Medical School in Birmingham in the year 1978. The Doctors have treated her with the medication of Chicken Pox, as they are of the opinion that the smallpox is eradicated. On finding out it is small pox, over 300 people were quarantined and luckily it did not become a full blown small pox Pandemic in UK.

This provided the world wide concern over how the deadly pathogens are being studied. The practice adopted by the cold war era Scientific investigation is to have a preparedness towards a possible bio weapon by doing a Gain of Function Research. To simplify further, it is a study by the selected labs over deadly pathogens, which could cause future pandemics. These research labs, for the purpose of studying, holds the deadly pathogens. The FBI Box, holds 6 vials small pox popped up in the year 2014 poses threat to the world. Among the scientific community, few were opposing this GOFR by citing the cost benefit analysis of the taxpayers spending and terming these as ‘ Disaster waiting to Happen’.

The promising Bio-research, responsible for coming up with vaccine to Corona Virus in a record time could also responsible for creating a Lab made Virus, the research has to decide.



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