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8 useful ways to stay motivated

8 useful ways to stay motivated

We live in a competitive world. Wake up, Hustle, Sleep, Repeat. This has become the daily routine of the majority. And the ongoing pandemic has made everything even more difficult. In times like these, your biggest saviour can be the motivation within you. But the current situation is not really contributing positively to that cause. So what happens when you can’t stay motivated long enough to finish a project or work?

Here are some useful tips to wake the go-getter in you.

8 useful ways to stay motivated

8 useful ways to stay motivated
8 useful ways to stay motivated


Define your goal: It’s easier to accomplish the precise goal you know you need to achieve. This gives you a stimulus and saves you from the lethargy from aimless wondering.


Make a daily to-do list: The first thing you need to do when you start your day is to take a piece of paper and compile every task you need to do that day into a list. It’s normal human behaviour to take a list more seriously. A chronological list would help you to be productive in a more organised way. Every time you finish a task, put a tick mark on the list. You will find rejuvenated energy within yourself to complete every task on that list with skill.


Produce a plan: A weekly, monthly and yearly plan of what you want to achieve would help you to find the right way for you.


The bigger picture: Whenever you feel down or can not find motivation anywhere, look for the bigger picture. Imagine yourself 5 years down the line and how today’s work would play a substantial role in it. You will realise that daily work would not seem so mundane anymore. Visualize yourself succeeding and understand that these are your steps to achieve your goal.


Get organized: Always keep your workplace uncluttered. A tidy desk and workplace would make you feel calmer while you work.


Procrastination is a no-no: Whenever you feel yourself procrastinating, rationalize what a burden today’s unaccomplished task would become tomorrow. Count to 5 and start work immediately.


Stop multitasking and stay away from distractions: Do only one task at once and give it your everything. Put your phone on silent mode. Ask your near ones politely to leave you alone when you are working.


Keep it fun: The best way to stay motivated is to keep it fun. incentivize your tasks. E.g. If you like chocolates, treat yourself with one when you complete a task.


Remember, your motivation can only be found within you. Find it, keep it and use it the best way you can.

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