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6 Ways To A Positive Morning Routine

6 Ways To A Positive Morning Routine

The way you start your morning often dictates how the rest of your day goes. Smart entrepreneurs know they need to take advantage of this important period of time to maximize their energy levels, maintain focus, increase their productivity and prime themselves for a busy day. Here are 6 morning ritual tips that would boost your productivity immensely.

6 Ways To A Positive Morning Routine

6 Ways To A Positive Morning Routine
6 Ways To A Positive Morning Routine


  1. Commit to good sleep habits:

If you still struggle with poor sleep, address the problem now. A lack of sleep increases stress and dampens the amygdala’s ability to regulate powerful emotions such as anxiety, anger and fear. It’s also implicated in the development of serious chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. If you’ve tried all the usual environmental solutions for a better night’s sleep and are still struggling to get an average of seven to eight continuous hours of sleep, consult with your doctor about exploring other options.


  1. Reduce friction:

A great morning ritual actually begins the night before. Make it as easy as possible to stick to the routine you create. Layout workout clothes, and set up the coffee or tea brewing equipment the night before. Put your journal and favourite pen on the bedside table if you want to start a morning journaling habit. Anticipate the practical obstacles to adhering to your new morning ritual, then create workarounds to reduce any distracting tasks. That way, you’ll have as much time as possible to focus on the meaningful parts of your morning routine.


  1. Ditch the screens:

By now, most of us know that scrolling through the various distracting feeds on our smartphones and tablets at night is harmful to our good sleep habits and can lead to recurring insomnia. By the same token, focusing on screens first thing in the morning can scatter your attention, just when you’re trying to focus on yourself. Resist the urge to chase another meaningless hit of dopamine from the endless scrolling feed of content, at least until the rest of your ritual is finished. Instead, mindfully and consciously choose to focus on yourself.


  1. Drink water:

Drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning can help improve digestion, maintain a healthy weight, improve your mental focus and mood and more. One study even suggests that increasing the amount of water you drink will help improve your cardiovascular health.


  1. Make your bed:

Start your day by making your bed, and you’ll begin every day with a sense of accomplishment. That can in turn create a sense of momentum and increase your interest in getting the next thing done. What’s more, you’ll be 19% more likely to get a good night’s sleep that evening.


  1. Meditate and Exercise:

Nothing is better than starting your day by reducing stress, increasing focus and concentration, building and maintaining good mental health, improving sleep and managing chronic pain. One morning ritual can accomplish all these benefits and more. If you’re new to meditation, start by setting aside 10-15 minutes. Sit with your back straight and feet on the floor, then close your eyes and count your breaths. You can also explore guided meditations if that feels more comfortable for you. A little physical movement in the morning can get your day off to a healthy start. A 30-minute run, 15 minutes of yoga or some simple callisthenics would increase your physical energy.


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