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5 Historic Sites In Afghanistan

5 Historic Sites In Afghanistan

With the current scenario in Afghanistan, the future of the country is uncertain. As the Taliban takes over Kabul, embassies are shutting down, and countries are bringing their citizens home. In the future, a lot might change in the country, as is true during such tumultuous regime changes. The future may learn a different history, like the history we know of the country today might very well fade away. So here is a look at Afghanistan’s historic sites.


  1. Gardens of Babur


The final resting place of Babur, this is situated in Kabul. The garden is said to have been built around 1528 AD. This gorgeous garden is one of the finest places to trace the history of Afghanistan. The garden wears a different look every season, but the site has changed over the years.


  1. Buddhas of Bamiyan


Even though the structures were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, their significance cannot be overlooked. The massive structures of Gautama Buddha were carved into the side of a cliff back in the 6th century. There are numerous caves surrounding the Buddha statues, which are full of beautiful mural paintings.

5 Historic Sites In Afghanistan

5 Historic Sites In Afghanistan
5 Historic Sites In Afghanistan


  1. Darul Aman Palace


The once beautiful palace got ravaged by war. Though renovations were made to it recently, it used to behave an imposing presence back in the days. It was built in the 1920s during the reign of Amanullah Khan and has a total of 150 rooms. Built-in neoclassical style, the palace was one of the first buildings here to have running water and central heating.


  1. Herat Citadel


This historic citadel goes back to the time when Alexander the Great had arrived in Afghanistan in 330 BC. The site was renovated between 2006 and 2011. It is an amazing place to get in touch with the history and heritage of the country.


  1. Minaret of Jam


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is located in Ghor Province. It is entirely made of baked bricks, and its intricate artworks are beautiful. You will find geometric patterns, verses from the Qur’an, among other things carved on them. It is unfortunately on the World Heritage in Danger list today.

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