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5 extreme sports for your bucket list

5 extreme sports for your bucket list


Travel enthusiasts around the world have a list or vision of the places they want to visit and experiences they want to collect. You travel to one place and makes mental notes of the next destination or experience. But if your globetrotting self loves the idea, the thrill of adventure sports and extreme travel, here is a list of the most extreme sports for the experiences of your lifetime.


5 extreme sports for your bucket list

5 extreme sports for your bucket list
5 extreme sports for your bucket list


  1. Bungee Jumping: This might be the most popular and sought after adventure sport. Jumping from a great height with an elastic cord attached to your feet is an exciting experience. Spots like abandoned industrial factories, waterfalls, cliffs and canyons all over the world offer bungee jumping.


  1. Diving with the sharks: How would you feel if you get the chance to dive in the deep oceans with one of the most magnificent animals of the marine? Swimming with them or diving in a cage surrounded by sharks would be definitely an astonishing experience for you to cherish all your life.


  1. River Rafting: Using an inflatable raft and navigating your way through rough river water and passing through parlous rapids is another extreme sport that should be on your bucket list. River rafting is a sport that only an adventurer in heart can appreciate. Some of the best places for river rafting Pacuare River in Costa Rica, Colorado River in Grand Canyon, U.S.A. Kulu Manali in India etc.


  1. Ice Climbing: This is a new and more thrilling take of rock climbing. Climbing unsteady ice structures in harsh cold weather would give you the adrenaline rush like nothing else.


  1. Paragliding: A very famous extreme sport which makes your fantasy to fly like a bird feel as real as your heart throbbing inside your chest. Running and jumping off a cliff and the floating through the air as you navigate your paraglider gradually to the ground is not something you can imagine.


So there you go. Pack your bags for your next adventure and tick off this list one by one.

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