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10 places to visit in the U.S

10 places to visit in the U.S.A

The United States of America is the dream destination for a substantial number of people who want to make it big in the race of life. One of the most powerful countries in the world, it fuels the ‘American Dream’ for many. But the country of 50 States does not disappoint when it comes to tourist attractions. So this is your time to start saving up for that American trip you always dreamt of. What places to visit? Leave that part to us. 

10 places to visit in the U.S.A

10 places to visit in the U.S
10 places to visit in the U.S 


1.The Grand Canyon: To experience some of the most magnificent views America has to offer, plan               a trip to Grand Canyon National Park. The Colorado River weaves its way through the 277-mile                    long canyon, making it a top destination for whitewater rafting. And if you are a hiking                                  enthusiast, do not miss the Arizona park.



  1. New York City: Spend a day roaming around the ‘big apple’ of the US, New York City. Catch a Broadway show, try the famous New York pizza, visit the Met to satisfy the art enthusiast in you. And of course, enjoy the shine and dazzle of the Times Square at night. 


  1. Las Vegas: The Sin City is one of the most attractive spots in America. Full of high-end restaurants and casinos, Kas Vegas lets you enjoy your heart out. And remember “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”


  1. Disneyland: Who doesn’t remember the Lion King? The Mickey and his cronies? Step into the world of the animated characters you grew up with. Disney World in Florida state is the place where you can fulfil your childhood dream of spending a day with your favourite characters. While you are at it, don’t forget to enjoy the thrilling rides and the amazing fast food of the most visited holiday resort in the world. 


  1. Miami: After all the travelling, you might just want to chill on a beach and soak in the sun, right? Then Miami is the place for you. The lip-smacking food and the vibrant nights is to die for. 

So travel enthusiasts, put that hard-earned money into savings and start planning for the trip of your lifetime.

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